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This is the 2013 version of the IAC Judge Revalidation and Currency (R&C) Exam and is to be taken ONLY by certified IAC Regional and National Judges.  You will need a copy of the 2013 IAC Official Contest Rules to complete this exam. You must receive a passing grade of at least 80% or higher. Upon successful completion of this exam, your currency will be evaluated IAW 2.6.3 of the 2013 IAC Official Contest Rules and if you meet the requirements therein, your name will be added to the next publication of the IAC Official List of Judges.  PLEASE NOTE: In addition to "IAC" rule changes adopted for 2013, there are always editorial changes each year to clarify existing rules, changes as a result of CIVA changes automatically adopted by IAC policy, unless explicitly rejected by the IAC Board, and also changes resulting from changes to the Aresti system. The exam questions are targeted at these changes in the rule book, which are indicated by "change bars" in the margins. Therefore, do not attempt this exam with a 2012 or previous rulebook; use only the 2013 IAC Official Contest Rules book.  Additionally, you may want to print out a hardcopy of this exam from the IAC website before entering your answers online.  However, please read the questions in this online version of the exam VERY CAREFULLY as some of the online questions may have been revised for compatibility with the online exam system or to improve clarity by removing ambiguity discovered in earlier versions of this exam.

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