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Last 10 Posts (In reverse order)
Mv031161 Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 6:01:41 AM(UTC)
Note to Steve Johnson....If you are trying to reach the RV van community I reccomend VAF http://www.vansairforce.net/ and their Forum http://www.vansairforce.com/community/index.php

Interesting crowd....Eric Sandifer (IAC19) and myself have tried for years to make them part of IAC or interested in aerobatics....we can tell they read our post but only a handfull are reactive.
Mitch V
1998 Giles 202 "Primal Fear" s/n G202-0011 N202MK
Former Caretaker/Owner Pitts S2B s/n 5046 N324U Now Down Under
Mv031161 Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 5:39:29 AM(UTC)
I read the "23 Seconds" article by John Morrisey and I was astonished to find that only 3 of 35 people questioned had spin training and emergency recovery procedures. As I proceeded to read the rest of the magazine article in just one seating, I came upon "Safety Corner" on page 28 and it all became clear to me once I finished reading Steve Johnson "INPUT REQUEST"......

Here is my Input....In order to reduce aerobatic accidents in our community, I will make it mandatory for any IAC practice day, Participant to have had a proper spin and emergency procedure training by a A-CFI and a certificate stating the training.

Move this ball further for the entire industry; Since spins are not longer part of any curriculum except for a CFI certification, the FAA could enforce the same requirement for anyone operating under the description included in the last paraqgraph of FAR 91.303 (Aerobatic Flights)and or under the same description of aerobatic manuevers under the paracute requirements of FAR 91.307(C)(1)(2) No one, without proper certificated training as to how to recover from a spin or the use of the emrgency recover procedure, shall be allowed to depart from normal flight intentionally.

4 years ago right after I purchased my S2B and under the reccomendation of Steven Seidel former president of IAC 52 (and my Pitts former master), I took my first Spin and Emergency recovery procedure class from Bill Finagin at one of my IAC19 gatherings. I was so impressed with how well it worked and how it allowed me to expand little by little my aerobatic experience that for the last 3 years I have had Bill stop at KLKR on his way back home after Sun and Fun for a quick personal refresh course followed by 2 days of the same training to others. For the last 3 years with the help of some of the members of IAC19 , we have promoted Bill's spin and emergency recovery procedures for 2 days in a row to a class of 5 each day. Bill have trained 30 general aviation pilots from all walks of life and type of aircraft and not just Aerobatic pilots here @ KLKR. 30 pilots that are believers now on how to react properly to a situation gone bad and 30 pilots whose confidence levels alone makes them a better pilot.

Expensive training? not if you have 5 guys to share the expense! $280 +/- per person is not a bad deal if you are considering what you are getting for it....a Pitts Ride for 35 minutes, (maybe 2) , a Pitts ride with a IAC Hall of Famer and MACFI (Master Aerobatic CFI) and a heck of a ride that will unglue the best of you! Most important a certificate and a log book entry stating you have received your training.....NOTE TO ALL: I am not promoting nor selling for Bill Finagin at all.......just talking about my own experience....Many other A-CFIs providers are available in the US that offers the same and perhaps even higher level of training and in the type of ride you fly.

I know some of you would not like the fact of having the FAA further looking over our shoulders. However, having a clear violation of the FAR's might accomplished a few things. Having proper trainig will definetelly help us all in our insurance rate. It help me lower mine by almost 27% believe it or not...from me, I went from un-insurable in my Pitts S2B to fully covered at very good rates which allowed me to compete!....Every year I showed my Insurance agent my recurrent training....my insurance keeps on lowering....for me, money well spent.

As in any Forum's I am ready for some hate mail...However, I prefer open adult debating instead...

as for any English grammar or spelling errors in this posting....I am sorry...English still after this many years my 2nd language.
Mitch V
1998 Giles 202 "Primal Fear" s/n G202-0011 N202MK
Former Caretaker/Owner Pitts S2B s/n 5046 N324U Now Down Under

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