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Subject: A New Idea about the Wobblies Part 1
My Wobblies (continued)

At the end of the first summer with discouragingly little aerobatics in my new plane, my wife (who suffers with appreciable chronic pain which is relieved partially, temporarily, by treating trigger points) noticed that two of her books mention dizziness as a symptom of active trigger points in the sternocleidomastoid muscles. I found trigger points in my neck muscles and treated them as described earlier, and resumed flying 10 days later. Over two weeks I moved up to +7 and -5 and used maximum roll acceleration from the third flight onwards without any hint of the wobblies. After continuing to treat my trigger points over the winter, this past season I was able to move up to that g range much more quickly than I could in the Pitts, and I experienced no wobblies over the rest of the summer despite using the maximum roll acceleration routinely. One aspect I have not investigated is the effect of a lot of outside snap rolls because I intend to fly Advanced for at least another year.

My current theory is that roll acceleration is the main source of activation of trigger points in my neck muscles, which are the direct cause of my wobblies. Treating the trigger points daily is sufficient to prevent them from activating to the point that they cause the wobblies. In the Pitts the negative g of outside snap rolls somehow must have amplified the effect of the lazy roll acceleration. The pilot's head is substantially farther from the roll axis in a typical monoplane than in a Pitts, which should amplify the effect of roll acceleration.

This interpretation is supported by an observation that I couldn’t understand when I was flying the Pitts. If I had a moderate case of the wobblies, a six hour drive over rough roads in my Chev S10 (a tall, narrow compact truck) made the symptoms worse, while the same drive in my Corvette, a much harder riding vehicle but lower and wider, had no effect on my wobblies. It now seems significant that the truck snapped my head from side to side much more vigorously than the car did.
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